Territory protection against flooding by radial drainage system


 Destination of radial drainage technology 

  • Territory protection against underground and technogenic waters 
  • Leakage capture  of contaminations from  storages and settling tanks.
  • Localization of underground water contamination areas ,
  • A stability providing  of slide massifs,  
  • Drainage of workings, board of openpits and foundation pits


  • The builded objects
  • The builded up territories with high housing density
      equipped with underground communications of site
  • Workings, boards of openpits and foundation pits 

Technological features

  • A well with a diameter of 4m and a depth to 25 m
  • Horizontal boreholes in lenght to 150m equipped with filters
  • A pump, which is  pumping water from reservoir, working  in an  autonomous mode

Radial drainage technology is pollution -free and allows:  

  • To liquidate a flooding in the shortest possible time 
  • To reduce by 30 % specific costs per unit of the drained square in comparison with other methods;
  • To carry out  operations on sites with  an intensive building and saturation engineering network without failure of it functioning in construction periods and maintenance of systems RD;
  •  To protect the territory of 8-20 hectares with one well ;
    To reduce to required drainage norms the  levels in lowpervious soils (loams) and in aquifer layers of low capacity.
Technological scheme of radial drainage construction
Operation scheme of radial drainage 
Sample of dranage boreholes operation

The radial drainage is introduced more than on 50 objects  of Russia, the CIS countries and the far abroad