Computer systems developement of geologo-surveying support of mines

One of main directions of activity of department of geology and geoinformatics is mining and an intrusion of the integrated program complex the GEOMIX for automation geologic and surveyings on mines. A serious positive moment for such factories that the software is adapted for realities of that object on which implants. Besides, link immediately with development engineers of software product diminishes periods of tutoring of users and allows to solve operatively, appearing by users in a time in use, problems. On the basis of the PC the GEOMIX are developed and act many of geologic models of deposits, such mines, as :Kovdorsky GOK (Murmansk region), LebedinskyGOK, Stojlensky GOK, the Don GOK (Kazakhstan) etc.

 А.В. Герасимов, А.В. Козырев.

The Mining-and-geological intelligence system the GEOMIX, is intended for creation of mining-and-geological models of mineral deposits at unclosed both an underground extraction and for solution on their basis of mining-and-geological problems: count of geologic and operation reserves, automation geologo-surveying operations, the projection of drilling-and-blasting operations and current and perspective  planning of mining operations.It  implements all possibilities of modern GIS-TECHNOLOGIES, including making of maps of the various subject contents and intelligence systems of an engineering infrastructure  sites of  mines.

It represents the integrated system consisting of a kernel of system and functional modules. Such management provides flexible adjustment of system for any work station. The system has intuitively clear graphic interface



GEOMIX-Geology Automated system of geologic operation conduction More in detail >>
GEOMIX-Mine surveying Automated system of survey operation conduction More in detail >>
GEOMIX-BVR Automated system of drilling and blastings conduction More in detail >>

Automated system of 



The software package the GEOMIX is protected by five certificates of registration of copyrights of the Federal service on intellectual property, patents and trade marks and approved by organs of Rostechnadzor for application at the minings.

All designed geointelligence systems represent a set of functional modules , each of which includes on equal to all a program kernel , and an additional program component (the application module). A program component  - a set  of the special programs creating the interface of a kernel with the user and implementing algorithms of solution of certain problems. Program components fulfil query to a program kernel, process the gained information (solve problems), realise interacting between functional modules at data exchange level.


The description of main routines

Raster editor Elastic - the program which is including into standard software package BelGIC, intended for processing and preparation of raster images for vectorization. 
It allows: to glue separate files of the unlimited size in basis file; to execute  the processing of materials of distant sounding of the Earth (an aerial survey, space shooting and so forth). 
Developed for basis  file the unique format of storing o fraster images allows to use highly effectively a disk space and the RAM, ensuring a high speed of plotting and process of scaling . The images processed by means of the raster editor are used further for a digitizing in the vector editor.Описание основных программ


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Vector cartographical editor MapProj - is intended for creation and conduction of a geologic and mine-operational graphics. Automanual vectorization on a raster wafer  considerably allows to reduce periods of making of maps. The wide spectrum of input  and editing broken and graphical units helps to maintain without difficulty ready maps in an actual status. 
The program allows: to create legends for maps; to create some cartographical layers; interactive editing and saving of the unlimited amount of maps and cartographical layers; to  review, editing and printing of cartographical data in a 3D regime ; to link graphical objects to attributive databases; to create and interactively edit spreadsheets in a map; to carry out vectorization in an automanual regime; to output the cartographical information on any printer/PLOTTER in real scales and with automated paginating;to  output of drawings in the form of hardcopies; to support of compatibility  of  export-import of known formats MID/MIF, DXF, SHP, WMF, KDR, SXF .

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CUBD NetBase  -is  a software package intended for storing and processing of the alphanumeric information.
The structure of the BD is hierarchical and  also is presented by data tables with a reference system and indexes.It  allows to carry out  inquiries to a BD on a point fitting to an outline, well, and to form data tables according to the inquiry formula. To support compatibility  it maintains export-import of data to known formats of data storage DBF and DB.

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The editor of brassboard - the software product intended for creating and editing of brassboards of documents in format BelGIS/GEOMIX with the subsequent printing. The program gives possibility of complex official registration of documents with usage of various data types: the text, tables, figures, maps, graphics (both standard, and specific to software products BelGIS/GEOMIX). It is posible to printing of major documents by small parts with the subsequent pasting .

The vector editor of fonts is intended for creating and editing of characters of vector fonts in format BelGIS. The  characters can be used afterwards in software BelGIS. Besides, the program allows to import already created characters from standard fonts of Windows to a vector format.