Laboratory of Special Monitoring Methods

Short name: 
Chief of department: 
Andrey Igorevich Zissman
+7(4722) 34-64-18
az-62 [at] mail [dot] ru

Сотрудники подразделения

Department ФИО Job title
Laboratory of Special Monitoring MethodsAndrey Igorevich ZissmanHead of laboratory of special monitoring methods


Activity aspects:

 - Satellite GLONASS/GPS monitoring of trasport  and the special fecilities;

 - Aeromonitoring of hard-to-reach objects and territories;

 - High-resolution panoramic shooting , interactive panoramas;

 - Stereoshooting for making of numeral models of locality and counting of sizes;

 - Development and introduction of  WEB  versions of geoinformational systems;

 - Creation of vector numeral maps