Group on manufacturing of well-logging instrument truck "Karyer"

Manufacture and delivery of program-controlled well-logging instrument truck "Karyer-2"

It solves the problem of operative quality control of ores and lithologic dismembering of geological section  on explosive and exploitational -test boreholes at open-cast mining of deposits of ores of ferrous metals by means of program-controlled instrument truck "Karyer"

The instrument truck is equipped:
- informational-controlling computer system(ICCS),
- round- trip equipment,
- system of the self-contained power supply,
- cooling and conditioning system
It can be added by instruments for :
- determination of drill-hole dip and direction,
- borehole gaugings,
- electrologging,
- application of nuclear geophysics 
Informational interchanging between ICCS and down-hole logging instruments is carried out on monoconductor  cable by means of the noiseproof telemetric link  which excludes effect of a cable and allows to carry out diagnostic of hole instruments immediately in well.
It solves a problem groud equipment unifications at implementation of various geophysical methods of logging.
Results of logging explorations are archived on a hard crashproof disk also are copyed on magnetic disks (3.5inch) for transfer to the computation centre. The instrument truck allows to carry out the  logging of wells to  500m depth.
"Karyer-2"  is used on Lebedinsky , Stoylensky and Mikhaylovsky GOKs.

Видео-сюжет любезно предоставлен пресс-службой Стойленского ГОКа.