OAO "VIOGEM". History

Open joint-stock company "VIOGEM was founded  in 1959 and is the largest complex, head, specialised institute by the decision of numerous problems in the field of mining in the CIS. There are 16 research laboratories in institute: the certified himiko-analytical laboratory, design sectors and an industrial link on introduction of workings out of institute in manufacture function. The institute has progressive technologies and means (the nuclear analyzer, the explosive chamber, thermovision camera, equipment GPS, automated chromatograph,high pressure triaxial cells,  the Tsejsovsky stereocomparator, a gas analyzer, leakage indicators, the drilling equipment, computers of the fifth generation, storage of radioactive sources and many other things), the modern experimental base certified by himiko-analytical laboratory, bank of computer programs. The institute has 98 patents, 663 inventions, has sold 105 licences.

 Minings are builted on the basis of  Open joint-stock company "VIOGEM and  drainage and nature protection systems are successfully exploited practically for all large mines KMA , Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Urals Mountains, Yakutia and other locales CIS.

The institute is permanently attracted in execution of the governmental orders of the Russian Federation (№37 from 19.07.93, №306 from 21.03.96, №328 from 23.03.96, etc.), participates in execution of federal programs "Ore", "Caspian sea", "Ekogormet - a  complex of future", etc., carries out explorations on a number of the major economic objects: Lebedinsky  GOK, Stojlensky GOK, Mihajlovsky GOK, etc., the Kursk atomic power station, gas underground storage in territory of the Belgorod region, etc.

 Open joint-stock company "VIOGEM has wide experience of operation abroad. It performed operations for objects of Bulgaria, Vietnam, Hungary, Germany, India, Iran, China, Cuba, Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Finland, Czechia, and Yugoslavia; now operations on objects of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine are carried on.

On main directions of activity the institute carries out the complete complex of operations which are including in a scientific justification, projection, manufacture of nonstandard equipment and construction works with surrender of drainage and nature protection systems to the customer "on a turn-key basis".

The institute became the recognised leader in the field of protection  of mining operations from watering, a build up territories drainage, industrial hydraulic engineering, geointelligence systems, protection and ecological situation improvement.

The scientific school of Open joint-stock company "VIOGEM has obtained the international recognising: the institute was included number of winners of competition of the Russian-American committee on energy-saving and environmental protection technology.

Traditionally, alternate years, VIOGEM makes in Belgorod the International symposium. The scientific potential of institute  was represented 26 times on the international congresses,  symposiums and conferences. By results of researches 39 monographies are published. "The  Reference book on dewatering of rocks",  translated into Chinese  is published for the first time in China. The institute takes part in preparation of the Law of the Russian Federation "About entrails", "Concepts of transition of the Russian Federation on a model of sustainable development ", "Safety rules at maintenance tail, slime and hydro-dumping equipments", construction regulations  2.02.01-83 (91), etc.

The institute has the Certificate of the Russian Federation "Leader of the Russian economics" (АА 001790 from 03.11.95). Institute operations are noted by three State  awards of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Open joint-stock company "VIOGEM has highly-skilled personnel. An aggregate number of 220 employees. In its composition 28 candidates of sciences, 4 doctors of sciences, 9 member-correspondents and 7 academicians of the International academy of mineral resources, 12 winners of the State award of the USSR and the award of the Government of the Russian Federation, three Honored workers of a science and technique work.

In 2002 the International committee BID awards to institute  "the Gold prize". In 2004 the institute is awarded by the diploma of the International exhibition - trade fairs of industria ltechnologies, means of productions, the goods and services of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Seven employees of VIOGEM have the status of the Federal expert.

By the decree of the president of the Russian Federation № 1009 from August, 4th, 2004 the Open joint-stock company "VIOGEM"  is included on in the Enumeration of the strategic factories and joint-stock companies.